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We Don’t Make Shoes Anymore October 23, 2013

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the October 2013 issue of Arizona Agriculture.   We forget how important protective tariffs were in building the U.S. standard of living.   By Joe Sigg, Arizona Farm Bureau I bumped into a stack of old magazines:  “Twentieth Century Magazine” with issues from 1911 and 1912.  I was [...]

Charity Dollars Need to Go to the Kids, Not the Dogs! October 21, 2013

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the October 2013 issue of Arizona Agriculture.   AZFB’s Educational Farming Company helps you Support our youth.   By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau In 2012, according to the Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) Annual Report, their “Contributions and Grants” revenue line item totaled $151,069,252. When [...]

The Creation Risk October 18, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air  Editor’s Note: Except for the fact of God’s creation, the following thoughts are based on my own ponderings. Lord, if I had the ability to create like you, I would. Perhaps this idea of creating something out of nothing is what drives us. The idea that we could create [...]

It’s Just a Theory: Why Does Everything Else Need a Creator but Evolution? October 16, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air If we believe in the theory of evolution is it harder to connect with the master artist? Let me try to explain. Often (not always), evolution is presented without a creator. How funny don’t you think? I’ve never known a painting without the painter’s signature, a sculpture without a [...]

As God has named and Numbered the Stars, He’s Named and Numbered You October 14, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air As God determines the number of stars and names each one, he surely determines each one he has created “in his image.” And, he has called us each by name. All of us: male and female, young and old, rich and poor, black and white … all of us. [...]

Our Friendships Keep us Accountable and Appreciating Our Lives October 11, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air I treasure my friendships. Like many, I have a core group of friends. We consider each other “our intimates.” We share everything with each other. Our hopes, dreams, concerns and more. Everyone needs a core group; small and intimate to keep one accountable and joyful in life. A quote [...]

Guest Column: Turning the Tide on Childhood Obesity October 9, 2013

Editor’s Note: USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services shares her concerns and USDA’s effort to combat childhood obesity. While the federal government has plenty of resources to help us make healthy choices when it comes to eating; I also personally believe that better nutrition must start in the home. No one [...]

Fall, Arizona Cantaloupe are here! Let’s Eat! October 7, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Beginning in October, most of the country gets their fall cantaloupe from Arizona. In fact, nearly 10,000 acres of Arizona cantaloupe will be harvested from now until the first week in December and shipped throughout the United States. So, Arizona becomes the cantaloupe capitol of the nation for about [...]

Country Life: Remember the Family Farm this Harvest Season October 4, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau I received a card from one of our Farm Bureau members. Enclosed with the envelope were 10 family passes to Mortimer Family Farms. For me, this invitation signals the year’s transition to my favorite time of year, fall.   It should also signal for all of us a time [...]

Our Anonymity is Killing Us! October 2, 2013

Editor’s Note: This presentation was originally given to our Arizona Farm Bureau farmer and rancher delegates during Arizona Farm Bureau’s 2011 Annual Meeting We — Agriculture — have become so efficient that each of us in the food and fiber production business now feed and clothe about 155 other folks. But we’ve struggled telling our [...]