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Fall, Arizona Cantaloupe are here! Let’s Eat! October 7, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Beginning in October, most of the country gets their fall cantaloupe from Arizona. In fact, nearly 10,000 acres of Arizona cantaloupe will be harvested from now until the first week in December and shipped throughout the United States. So, Arizona becomes the cantaloupe capitol of the nation for about [...]

Country Life: Remember the Family Farm this Harvest Season October 4, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau I received a card from one of our Farm Bureau members. Enclosed with the envelope were 10 family passes to Mortimer Family Farms. For me, this invitation signals the year’s transition to my favorite time of year, fall.   It should also signal for all of us a time [...]

Our Anonymity is Killing Us! October 2, 2013

Editor’s Note: This presentation was originally given to our Arizona Farm Bureau farmer and rancher delegates during Arizona Farm Bureau’s 2011 Annual Meeting We — Agriculture — have become so efficient that each of us in the food and fiber production business now feed and clothe about 155 other folks. But we’ve struggled telling our [...]

First Day of Fall Harder to Find in Arizona September 30, 2013

The first day of Fall was identified as September 22nd. but it still feels pretty much like summer in Arizona. But, when cooler weather does come, we get the best of it here in Arizona. So, we must admit we’re blessed. What does your first day of Fall feel like in your neck of the [...]

Roots: REACHING INTO THE PAST September 27, 2013

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared in 2006. We rerun here to celebrate our past and learn from it. By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air Well, historians will tell you that studying history, in general, is good for us. You and I live in the present. We plan for and worry about our future. History, [...]

24 Reasons Why Being Poor in Spirit Makes You Rich September 25, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air Jesus said that there is a kind of spiritual poverty we should seek. He said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3). What did He mean? According to Billy Graham it is Simply this: “We must be humble in our spirits. [...]

Our Outposts Great and Small: 10 Ways to Make Your Life Significant September 23, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau and Julie’s Fresh Air There are individuals in every generation whose “outposts” in life appear small, insignificant; often unnoticed. But their greatness emerges not from their outpost, but their outlook on life and how they touch the lives of those they connect with during their walk. How are we [...]

10 Things to do In Tough Times … September 20, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air In tough times, there is always the promise of a remembered past when we’re waiting for a brighter future to become the present. To do this … 1. Rest in the Lord 2. Seek him daily 3. Persevere in all things 4. Gather your advocates 5. Pray without ceasing [...]

It’s Kind of Funny What Inspires Us September 18, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau and Julie’s Fresh Air   It’s truly funny (at least interesting) what can inspire our future endeavors. For the future pilot, it was that first breathless ride in a plane (certainly that was brother, Curt, flying around our farm with Dad). For the future doctor or medical professional it [...]

Arizona Ranchers: Do You Know How to Reach the Next Generation of Beef Eaters? September 16, 2013

Editor’s Note: This article is provided courtesy of Chef Zino and the Beef Checkoff, the marketing and research arm of the beef industry. By guest blogger Dave Zino, Executive Chef for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Imagine a group of Americans who grew up on chicken nuggets and eat more chicken than beef. They have [...]

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