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Nothing is by Accident … May 2, 2016

By Julie Murphree Yesterday morning (May 1, 2016), Dad and I went up in his Super Decathlon (a sports plane and aerobatic trainer) for a cruise around the desert Vekol area due west of Dad and Mom’s place, about 20 minutes away. We flew over High Lonesome, one of the tallest mountain peaks in the [...]

Lifestyle Tip: Play to Your Strength May 15, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air and Arizona Farm Bureau Have you ever done anything that you quickly discovered you were not gifted to do? I am not good with directions. In fact, I’m directionally challenged. If you want me to read a map while on a trip heading somewhere we’ve never been before, you [...]

Leaders Come in All Shapes and Sizes March 8, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Third in a series on Leadership. The previous here and here. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe that’s not an original thought. But, consider one of the greatest military leaders (and certainly of his time), Napoleon, was only 5′ 7″. When we imagine great leaders, we have [...]

Lifestyle Tip: Emphasize Essentials, Not Incidentals February 27, 2013

Before modern-day conveniences and our current lifestyles, families only had time to focus on essentials. Gather food and shelter   Relationship with family and friends   Treasure your blessings Understanding the essentials was supremely clear with a farm family scratching out a living on their little plot of land, for example. Sun up to sun [...]

One Caretaker of the Land Keeps a Vigilant Watch February 22, 2013

By Pennee Murphree, guest Blogger and former cotton, wheat and Alfalfa farmer My husband and I live 20 miles south of Arizona City (look it up on a map). Living so far out, this means that when we make a trip to town up Sunland Gin Road we see a lot of trash that has [...]

I Grew up Hanging Upside Down in the Seat of an Aerobatics Airplane January 9, 2013

Editor’s Note: The following story originally ran in Julie’s Fresh Air in 2010. Recently, Aunt Sandy and I took the nieces and nephews down to Da and Pappa’s (Mom and Dad’s) to hang out on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Whenever we’re there the lazy Sunday afternoon turns busy and fun. Mom and Dad live in [...]

Lifestyle Tip: Find Times to Turn off the Technology January 4, 2013

Sometimes, in a regular day with personal computers, computer games, iPods and iPads I feel that we’re losing our ability to be creative in play and fellowship with family. To talk to nieces and nephews and my friends’ kids, you have to wrench (well, gently coax) them away from the computer screen or pop the iPod ear-buds out [...]

Lifestyle Tip: Don’t Ever Give Up on Your Dreams, Just Switch Saddles January 2, 2013

Editor’s Note: I created a YouTube-hosted video clip about my love of horses, dreams of being a cowgirl and how you never have to give up on your dreams, but maybe switch saddles … especially since I am allergic to horses! I still love them, just don’t ride. Yup. The little brown-haired girl with ponytails [...]

Lifestyle Tip: Drop the Reins and Hang On! December 28, 2012

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in 2008 in Julie’s Fresh Air By Pennee Murphree, guest blogger and former Quadrille de Mujeres After repeatedly telling my grandchildren to stop wrestling and running through the house, I finally slowed them up long enough to explain how important it is to obey their parents and to immediately [...]

Lifestyle Tip: Snuggle December 26, 2012

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air At Patrick and Julie Jo’s the other night for a Christmas holiday gathering, Delaney Jane (my niece; I have four) came and sat down and snuggled us against me. Like a little bird. She eventually laid across my lap for me to scratch her back. Our family snuggles. We [...]

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