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10 Things Bethany Learned from her Swim Coach November 4, 2014

By Curt Murphree, Mortgage Banker with Prime Lending: My 10 year old swimmer tells me “coach made the whole team swim a 500 over and over again because some people didn’t listen and were doing it wrong, we ended up doing it four times before we could move on to the rest of practice. It was hard but we finally got it right.”

Bethany at the blocks is learning life lessons from her coach.

A few things that Bethany learned:

  1. What I do impacts the whole team.
  2. What the team does impacts me.
  3. When we do it right we all progress.
  4. When we do it wrong we all pay.
  5. When we help each other we win.
  6. We need to pay attention to the coach and to each other.
  7. We are faster, stronger and healthier.
  8. We can swim miles without stopping.
  9. We keep going even when we don’t feel like it.
  10. We are better than we were yesterday.
We can always learn so much from coaches. I’m just glad my daughter is getting some of these basics so early in life.


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