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Shopping the Store! March 28, 2012

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau and Julie’s Fresh Air

So, when shopping for clothes, do you have a strategy for “shopping the store?” If you don’t you’ll end up with clothes you don’t want and time wasted taking back a purchase.


Just like with most things in life, you need to do your shopping with a plan.


Here’s my 10-step strategy


  1. Keep a running list of clothing pieces you need.
  2. When you decide that you’re going shopping this weekend, sit down and decide what items you’re going to purchase.
  3. With list in hand, do a little Internet research. Check out your favorite stores to look for discounts. Seek out “what’s new.”
  4. Google for coupons! Put in the name of your favorite store to shop in and then the word “coupons.” Up will come a listing of possible coupons to use before you go shopping. A friend of mine was shopping for a specific men’s brand of shoes, Googled the name brand and came up with a coupon that saved him more than 50%.
  5. When you get to the store armed with coupons, do a quick scan of the store. Hunt first around the sales rack.
  6. With a specific coupon you can target immediately whatever the coupon is for.
  7. Notice how the mannequins are dressed to pick up ideas and see what’s trending for the season.
  8. Discuss with the sales force what’s trending.
  9. Always try on your selected pieces before heading to the check-out counter.
  10. Do mental calculations of what you’ve put in the “buy” pile. Are you still within budget? If not, be prepared to put some pieces back.
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