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Age-Appropriate Fashion: Tips for Older Women April 18, 2012

One of my Twitter buddies @MizAlisa tweeted: “@Cottonaggie So I’m facing a fashion crisis. Not sure what someone my age should wear anymore!”

I promised her I’d write something on this.

If all else fails, you can always stick to basic black.

For women, the older we get the more classic and effortless our fashion should be. Something about the mature women; classic in casual and business attire rises above the bling and craziness of our wild days of youth. Well, usually anyway.

My strategy is basic:


  1. Play with solids more than prints. Sometimes prints can accentuate what we don’t want accentuated and detract from what are our best assets.
  2. Look for colors that lift and soften; usually neutrals and jewel tones. Softer neutrals such as navy, charcoal, black and khaki are better for day. One warning: too much black against your face during the day can look harsh.
  3. Focus on Fit and quality. A great fit at our age is really important. We might have gotten away with the baggy look when younger; it makes us look frumpy when older. Also, buy high-qulity clothing to get better fabrics and better cuts, which typically fit better.
  4. Periodically, engage a personal shopper to help you break out of a rut. If they’re good, they can define your body type and fit to it. I’ve used personal shoppers mainly at Nordstrom. Set a budget, don’t go over it, and the experience will benefit you for a longtime.
  5. Get other opinions. Do you have an honest friend? Employ her opinion to see what she thinks looks good on you. Do this especially if you like the way your friend handles her wardrobe and her fashion look.
  6. Stay away from fads, over-the-top trends. I do watch what others wear to get ideas but always framed around what I know fits me best and my style preferences.
  7. Suit up well when you suit up. When purchasing a suit, color and fit are everything. Instead of bright-colored suits, wear neutral tones. Then add a jewel-toned blouse or shell for more color. You’ll get more use out of a neutral color, and it won’t look age specific.
  8. Remember, less skin is more for us.
  9. Celebrate who you are and your body type. Whether tall or short, skinny or comfortably plump, there are great fashion buys for you out there in our American retail market. It’s designed for different body types. You just have to be willing to hunt for what fits you.
  10. Check out my other wardrobe articles. In the aggregate they’ll help you manage your clothes appropriately.
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1. Paula Parisotto - April 18, 2012

Thank you for sharing my blog, Dettamodblog.com. Every woman, at any age, should feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in their clothing.

2. Cyndie Todd - May 2, 2012

Or you could just throw the rulebook away. Check out advancedstyle.blogspot.com

3. freshair - May 2, 2012

Love the blog … thanks for sharing!