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Arizona Farm Bureau Regularly Highlights Safety Strategies: This Time About Welding March 15, 2013

(4/365) :: Golf Thursdays

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By Bret Harris with Milling Machinery

As an amateur golfer, I learned a valuable lesson one day on a tee box that I will never forget because of its many applications in my  professional and personal life, specifically as it relates to shop welding safety. My friend was and may still be one of the best amateurs in the state of Nevada. I invited him to be very candid with me whenever he saw coaching opportunities. After all, what golfer doesn’t appreciate a free lesson?

As I set up to hit the ball on the 5th hole, he asked me to freeze before I took an aggressive swing. He noticed that I had not been setting up correctly. He adjusted my stance and focus and then before he let me swing away, he dropped  this pearl. “Any amateur can set up exactly like one of the top pros in the  world. It is their failure to do so that generally sends their balls into the trees and traps.” Knowing this, helps me understand that golf and safe welding have some common elements.

Set up skills for golf are broken down into

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