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Arizona Legacy Beef is Built on Legacy June 26, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau.
I’ve fallen in love with another Arizona ranch family. When you meet Danny and Kacie Tomerlin of Arizona Legacy Beef in Humboldt, Arizona you will too.

Participants on Fill Your Plate and members of Arizona Farm Bureau, the young couple have poured their heart, soul and mind into their unique ranching operation. Arizona Legacy Beef is another all natural, grass-fed beef operation. But, it’s different. Much of it is about the Criollo breed of cattle they raise on their place.

Their Criollo cattle are of Spanish decent and ideally suited for central Arizona’s rangeland. They eat anything. Any kind of native rangeland plants that is. And because the breed’s muscling is quite different than most other breeds, even though they’re a leaner cattle, the meat is tender.

I can attest to this from personally cooking the meat. I’ve now done two rib roasts for family parties and my Prime Rib was the hit of the occasion. Local celebrity personality, Jan D’Atri says the same thing. “This is some of the most wonderful and flavorful meat I’ve ever tasted!”

Both Danny and Kacie’s families have been in the ranching business in Arizona for six generations and have been providing beef for Arizonans for over 130 years.

Arizona Legacy Beef dry-ages the meat for 18 to 21 days. This also tenderizes the meat and brings out its amazing flavor. As with most grass-fed beef, it’s high in Omega 3s and CLAs (anti-carcinogens), the high percent of red muscle fibers means increased marbling score and cooked beef tenderness.

“We produce our beef with the highest sense of responsibility and care for the land and the cattle,” says Kacie.

It’s that dedication to ranching, the breed, and family that makes me really appreciate the Tomerlin product. It’s why I’m going to go back for more.

If you’re hungry for it too go to www.arizonalegacybeef.com. You can also find them on www.fillyourplate.org.


Arizona Legacy Beef provides grass-fed beef from the Criollo breed, a Spanish Heritage breed.

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