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Arizona’s Beef Market: It’s Bold! September 10, 2012

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

Every September for the past several years I’ve asked the Arizona Cattle Growers and the Arizona Beef Council to give us a market update on one of our state’s largest agriculture commodities: Beef. This year the word is bold!

If you read the article, Arizona Farming and Ranching: Bold Times for Beef, you get a clear picture of what the current beef market is all about. You’ll get some of the numbers too. But, I think about the people. Our beef industry in Arizona is represented by some of the finest people I know. If you want to find out about them you need to check out Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate video queue. Several of the 50+plus videos feature some of our Arizona ranchers.

To discover first hand the quality of our Arizona beef, well then you need to check out some of our Arizona ranchers that are more than happy to sell you some of their beef directly. Just go to Fill Your Plate’s product search and select “beef.”

Roast beef cooked under high heat

Roast beef cooked under high heat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beef, so good and so Arizona!

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