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Burp: I Ate at Monsanto’s Cafeteria & the Food was Not GMO Free! August 28, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

I’m a little bit disappointed. I had high expectations. After all, the GMO-free crowd promised I’d not be eating GMO foods in Monsanto’s cafeteria!

Enjoying my guest status at Monsanto this last spring in St. Louis, MO.


The food was delicious, by the way. If I worked at Monsanto I’d eat there every day when in the office. But alas, their menu did not cater to a GMO-free crowd, only to a good and healthy variety of yummy foods.


If you Google “Monsanto’s Cafeteria has gone GMO-Free,” you get 11,100 results at last count. But the data on this story is weak and of course, filled more with fear than fact.


At Monsanto headquarters in St. Louis where I visited this last spring, you’ll simply get good food with a variety of options. But there is no distinction, signage and effort to keep Monsanto employees from eating GMO-laced foods.


I selected food items from their Mexican food menu including black beans and fish tacos with corn chips and salsa. Soooooooo good. Remember regular chips you buy in the grocery store are most likely made from GMO-derived corn. No effort by Monsanto to keep me from them.


Corn chips from Monsanto Cafeteria. No effort to keep employees or me from GMO foods.

later, I got so hungry mid-day with all the tours and interviews when I was at Monsanto headquarters that I selected a candy bar from their vending machine, available at every break station in the very large Monsanto headquarters. As the experts say, an estimated 75% of your processed foods are derived from GMO-based crops. If Monsanto is so adamant about keeping their own employees away from GMO-based foods, they’re not trying very hard.


Every break room throughout Monsanto headquarters gave me access to snacks.

So, the idea of GMO food banned at Monsanto is simply an urban legend that keeps getting recycled by GMO critics.


I did glow for a bit after lunch … not from eating GMO-laced food, but because my tummy was happy and full after the delightful meal.


Editor’s Note: This is part of my ongoing series exploring the world of biotech agriculture and food including Mandatory GMO Labeling Coming to a State Near You?,  Defining & Understanding Biotechnology: Wrapping Our Heads Around the Science, Getting to Know Monsanto’s People, 10 Simple Strategies to Avoid GMO Foods and Into the Belly of the Beast: My Visit to Monsanto.

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1. christel - August 29, 2013

The point of this article being?! To convince non-GMO eaters (in my country growing GMO food is prohibted by law) how “yummy and delish” and completely innocuous that food is? My impression- you’re on Monsanto’s payroll.

2. Julie Murphree - August 29, 2013

No, I am a full-time employee for Arizona Farm Bureau. We earn money through membership and a license agreement with Farm Bureau Financial Services, a property and casualty insurance and finance company.

The reason I talk about the issue is that I farmed with my parents through 2005 and we grew biotech crops. So many in my network have questions about biotech crops. So, it’s important for me to make sure it’s thoroughly understood. A visit to Monsanto was part of that process.

3. Millions Against Monsanto Toronto - August 30, 2013

Proud of your glyphosate intake are ya? Let’s see how you feel when you’re in the hospital in a few years with autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disease or cancer.

4. Paul - October 1, 2013

Where are all the labels on the processed GMO food at Monsanto headquarters that say:(This product was PROUDLY made & sprayed with some of Monsanto’s biotech products!)?

5. Peg G - October 1, 2013

Julie, thanks for sharing what really goes on at the cafeteria of one of the companies involved with extensive research to help farmers grow enough food for all of us (even the people who feel the need to spew hate and misinformation.) Wow, the employees eat the very food they help create, not surprising since many are scientists and know the food is safe!

6. Alex - October 26, 2013

Good article. Don’t pay any attention to the lunatics; they show up any time someone writes an article about Monsanto which doesn’t accuse them of torturing puppies and eating babies.