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Celebrating Summer Crops in Arizona June 10, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

“It’s too hot to grow anything here,” said someone ahead of me in the checkout line at the grocery store here in Arizona.

I almost started another conversation but I didn’t want to slow the line down. Too hot to grow anything … well let me tell you that’s just not the case.

Certainly this uninformed person has never seen the agriculture I’ve seen in Arizona. But to clear things up, according to the USDA and other sources, this is what’s happening right now out on our farms and ranches in Arizona.

Arizona cotton planting is virtually complete throughout the state, according to the USDA. Squaring (the buds that will form the bolls that produce the fluffy, white cotton) is at 9%.

Arizona alfalfa conditions are in excellent to fair condition, depending on location. We grow tons (literally) of alfalfa in this state.

The state’s durum wheat conditions were mostly good to fair and our barley is looking great throughout the state.

On the vegetable and fruit side of things, we’re growing every summer vegetable you can imagine either on the large commercial farms and on our small urban farms too. Everything from cantaloupes, honeydews, dry onions, potatoes, and watermelons to okra, squash and more.

If you ask for it, we can probably figure out a way to grow it … as I like to say, we’re planting or harvesting 12 months out of the year in this desert state.











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