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Christmas Traditions on the Farm IV: Mrs. Claus’ Christmas Spirit is as Strong as Santa’s! December 10, 2012

Yum! Cookies.

Next in the Series originally written in December 2010. Oyster stew was first in the series. Second in the Series here. Third in the Series here.

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau
Who says Santa has a lock on the Christmas Spirit. I’m thinking Mrs. Claus really rouses the spirits of everyone around the North Pole. With her cookies and other baking how could it not!? And, of note, love Jolly ole’ Saint Nick but his tubby tummy is not poor food choices, it’s just good home cooking in mass quantities (I know, he told me so; I told him it’s all about portions).


Mrs. Claus’ Christmas joy has to be extending all over the world because I’m getting so many stories about the women gathering together to bake or cook for Christmas. Here’s two.


Sandy Silvas of Silvas Farms has a big family gathering to bake. “Our tradition involves all the ladies and grandkids gathering at Grandma’s house to make cookies and fudge to give out as gifts to people in our lives,” she explains. “We, of course, have the men around to be taste testers and the kids also help. It is an all-day event and everyone enjoys the time together.”

Silvas Farms is a small u-pick farm south of Yuma that provides Tangaloes, blackberries and peaches.

So that was Mrs. Claus’ strategy with the baking: Get the family to gather around. Good cooking always does.

Mrs. Claus' Christmas Spirit soars!

And, here in the southwest, we have a twist to that. We make tamales. I love tamales!

Rhonda Crow of Crow’s Dairy does the all-day tamale making over the holidays. “All of the ladies in our family get together every year on the first Saturday of December and make tamales,” she says. “This year we made 60 dozen!”

Crow’s Dairy makes Arizona Farmstead goat cheese.

Ronda and Sandy, I’m coming over!

To find Silvas Farms and Crows Dairy go to Fill Your Plate. You can read their profile in the searchable database section called “Find a Farm Product.” Their profile will list their products.

Editor’s note: Tell me your stories of Christmas Traditions on the Farm or Ranch! Just respond to the blog post where you can post messages. I want to hear your stories too!!!!

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