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Christmas Traditions on the Farm VII: Lighting up the Farm Equipment! December 17, 2012

Final in the Series that was originally written in 2010. Oyster stew was first in the series. Second in the Series here. Third in the Series here. Fourth in the series here. Fifth in the series here. Sixth in the series here


By Paul Brierley, Arizona Farm Bureau

One of the traditions from later in my life, rather than a childhood memory, is how my dad started decorating our farm equipment with lights and displaying them in his yard. The first time he didn’t say anything about it, so it wasn’t until we showed up for Christmas Eve celebrations that we saw it: The windrower (Hay Harvester) was in his front yard, all decked out with Christmas lights defining its shape, and both the wheels and the reel on the header were “moving” in synchronous rhythm from special strings of blinking lights.

Don't have a tree, but have a Tractor? Maybe you can deck out the farm equipment with Christmas lights.

It was such a hit with both family and neighbors that in subsequent years he added in a tractor or two for good measure. Always with the wheels “turning.” I don’t have photos of his handiwork, but here are some similar ones off of the Internet to give you an idea of what they looked like.

Even though I now live in Suburbia, I hope to start my own tradition of lighting up our tractor in the same way during the holidays.


photo credit: M J M via photopin cc


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