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Do we have to Talk about Miley Cyrus Anymore? August 30, 2013

English: Miley Cyrus at the premiere for Hanna...

English: Miley Cyrus at the premiere for Hannah Montana: The Movie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

Instead, I’d like to talk about our High Schoolers and 20-somethings that are really doing amazing things; making a difference.


For starters …

FFA Kids: They may not get the attention Miley Cyrus got this past week, except when thousands of them descend upon the national convention. They’re wearing a much more appropriate uniform; one that inspires, not disgusts. Today, 557,318 FFA (Future Farmers of America) members exist, aged 12-21, in 7,498 chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They have aspirations to change their world. This is one group of people that will.


Young Missionaries: From Christian and Mormon churches throughout the country. And they’re not just sharing their faith. But they are going into poverty-stricken or devastated communities to rebuilt, revitalize, renew and restore. Some dig wells for first-time-ever fresh water sources. Others, patch broken limbs, give hugs and encouragement to orphans; bringing hope to the hopeless. They’re using their hands and heart for good.


4-H Kids: Speaking of hands and heart … it makes me think of 4-H … this youth organization’s motto employs the four “H’s” to make a difference: Head, heart, hands and health.


We have the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and so much more. My list could be much longer. This is what I’ll talk about. Not Miley Cyrus, whose Disney character was just fiction anyway.


It’s time to move on to more inspiring news; not be distracted by our disappointing pop culture.


One note of encouragement in all the craziness about Cyrus’ performance on MTV: Her godmother, Dolly Pardon (go figure), said it best: She’ll land on her feet. I’m cheering that on; she’s talented and young and could so easily reflect what the amazing young people I know reflect.

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