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Lifestyle Tip: Drop the Reins and Hang On! December 28, 2012

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in 2008 in Julie’s Fresh Air

By Pennee Murphree, guest blogger and former Quadrille de Mujeres
After repeatedly telling my grandchildren to stop wrestling and running through the house, I finally slowed them up long enough to explain how important it is to obey their parents and to immediately obey.

I told them about a childhood incident to help them understand. At about age 10, my dad finally let me go with him on a trail ride with a group of friends through the Iowa countryside. I was so excited. The fall day was beautiful and my dad trusted me enough to let me go with him.
I was riding our horse Ginger, a great horse that I rode all the time around our Iowa farm. Gosh, I loved Ginger! My dad was riding a horse named Pepper. We were having a wonderfully, exciting time.
I stayed close behind dad, knowing he was watching over me if I had any unexpected difficulty with the horse during the ride. Of course, I was pretending I was a real cowgirl too.


A set of western-style split reins, attached t...

A set of western-style split reins, attached to a snaffle bit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were crossing a creek when the rider in front of us suddenly began sinking into quicksand. Since we were right behind the lead rider my dad and I were also sinking. The horses were frantically working to escape.
Dad turned and looked back at me and said, “Drop the reins and hang on.”
Terrified, I did. Ginger plunged, struggled to escape; but pulled us out.
By dropping the reins it gave Ginger her head and the freedom to get us out. Dad was so proud of Ginger, and me, for listening to him, along with following his instructions and escaping the quicksand.
We were the only three riders that rode into the quicksand because those following us saw our situation and were able to avoid it. I was glad that day that I listened to my dad and obeyed his command. And most of all, I praise God that I had a good dad that loved and disciplined me and treated me right. I think at this juncture of my life I will continue to take my dad’s advice and “Drop the Reins and Hang on!”

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1. Sharman Hickman - February 8, 2008

Dear Jules,
Wow-we’re 3rd generation Arizonans and I only thought quicksand was on Gilligan’s Island. I was thinking this story would have a rattlesnake in it.

2. Susie Ysaguirre-Zinkie - February 8, 2008

This is such a great story! Your mom is a shining example of what God truly wants from us. Faith in each other and Him, of course!
Keep these wonderful stories coming. When is your mom going to write her own book? I can’t wait and I will be the first in line to get her autograph! Love to you and thanks again for sharing. xo

3. Jo - February 11, 2008

This story sure made my day.

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