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First Day of Fall Harder to Find in Arizona September 30, 2013

Entering Arizona on I-10 from New Mexico (west...

Entering Arizona on I-10 from New Mexico (westbound traffic). The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first day of Fall was identified as September 22nd. but it still feels pretty much like summer in Arizona. But, when cooler weather does come, we get the best of it here in Arizona. So, we must admit we’re blessed.

What does your first day of Fall feel like in your neck of the woods?

For me, Fall feels…

1. A bit more crisp in the evenings.

2. The days are shorter and nights are longer but the sun still shines bright in the fall in Arizona!

3. Good because the oven heat of our state will be on reserve for several months until the next summer. So Sweet.

4. We can actually get out a sweater … okay a light sweater. No coats … maybe not for the entire Fall and winter.

5. But it’s still fall; just different in Arizona.

Welcome to our wonderful fall weather in the desert!

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