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Fresh Fashion: 13 Tips to knowing How to Accessorize with Jewelry February 29, 2012

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau and Julie’s Fresh Air

I love jewelry, but I’m cheap. Yes, I don’t like to spend much on jewelry. And today with so many options including stores like Charming Charlie’s and private jewelry parties, you have more choices than ever to find cute pieces but not spend too much.


Plus, if you spend wisely when you do find a quality piece of jewelry, you can put up a few extra dollars and not feel guilty about it.


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There are a few tips on how to accessorize with Jewelry when you buy. These basics will help you figure out what to buy among the myriad of options.


My top tips:

  1. Know the types. Jewelry that lays against the skin (sometimes referred to as skin jewelry is more sensual and feminine; includes short necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Clothing jewelry includes belts, pendants and pins.
  2. Consider where you’re going before you accessorize. At work, keep it somewhat understates, but consider one bold piece. Jewelry makes ordinary work clothes have an individual style.
  3. Do consider mixing metals. Silver and gold can give you a more contemporary look. But experiment; make sure it feels and looks right when you mix.
  4. Combine a short choker with long strands. This works really well with pearls
  5. Regarding pearls mix with metals. This can break up that overly feminine look; especially if dressing for the office.
  6. Use crystal or rhinestones for dinner. Crystal and rhinestones is wonderfully romantic and feminine for evening affairs.
  7. Bring back the pin!  I don’t often see pins as much as I used to unless it’s a politician wearing a flag pin on a lapel. But unique pins can be conversation starters at a party where you don’t know very many people. Also, pins can be used as a necklace enhancer to change a look.
  8. Use pearls to soften the look of leather. Enough said.
  9. Shop flea markets for unique pieces and great bargains.
  10. Dangling earrings go great with Turtlenecks.
  11. The young set may disagree, but I say, “Don’t wear jewelry in your nose or on your tongue.” Especially in the office setting.  If you want to be taken seriously as a business professional, I’d leave the tongue post at home.
  12. Don’t wear a daytime watch with evening wear.
  13. Don’t neglect to coordinate jewelry with your belt.
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