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Got “Chocolate” Milk? April 29, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

Recently, I sat down to breakfast with my good friends the O’Ds (O’Donnell). Scoping out the scene alternating between menu choices and people seated around the restaurant, I noticed a young couple close by.

The girl was leaning (heavily leaning) against the guy prompting me to think okay no PDA (public display of affection) this early in the morning … especially while we’re about to order breakfast.

When their drink orders arrived, a tall glass of Chocolate milk was placed in front of her, iced tea for him. Reaction: Needy. (Unfair reaction, well yes, but I was quite entertained.)

English: A glass of chocolate milk.

A tall glass of milk provides energy and much healthier than all the energy drinks we have access to today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But our chocolate Milk drinkers may be on to something, especially those needing a good recovery after a hard workout. I’ve also read where chocolate milk may be more healthy for us than the sports drinks currently on the market. The full story is here.

The leaning lady at the restaurant might simply have needed her energy drink, chocolate milk.

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1. Susie Ysaguirre-Zinkie - May 25, 2006

My four year old nephew’s favorite drink is chocolate milk.
Says everything, doesn’t it?