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In America, I Eat … Therefore I Am! May 14, 2012

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

You have diet options. Most other countries ... not so much.

 By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

At a friend’s home recently, guests from all walks of life and backgrounds gathered for feasting and fellowship.

 While Debbie was dishing up yummy pulled pork for guests and directing them to the condiments and drinks one guest was handed a plate while she proclaimed to all who could hear, “I’m a Vegan.”

Yes, our hostess provided a whole host of vegan-specific options including a vegetable tray, but later a whisper from Debbie expressed her feelings. “With all those vegetables right in front of her and other non-meat options, she could have just kept her mouth shut.”

 I concur.

But, promise, this blog post really isn’t about the meat eater and the non-meat eater. It’s really about our options in America that most countries in the world don’t even have. That same evening one young couple told me about their preference for the “Paleo Diet.” Also known as the caveman diet, this diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that humans consumed during the Paleolithic era. Yes. I’m serious.

Why do I want to eat like a caveman when their life expectancy didn’t even make it into the 40′s, according to our anthropologists who have studied that period? But I digress.

The amazing message here, in America we can pick and choose a preferred diet. Choices by the hundreds … preferences by as many … all for the sake of celebrating our personal best … at least in our own self-focused eyes.

In the meantime, American farmers and rancher must continue to highlight their gift to Americans in making all these wonderful choices available. Plus, communicating this in such a way that we continue to educate the public about American agriculture.

In the meantime, please pass me some grass-fed leg-of-wooly-mammoth, please.  Oh, forgot it’s extinct. How about some grass-fed leg-of-lamb then.



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1. Peggy Jo - May 14, 2012

I agree with Debbie. During 10 years of my childhood my family chose to be Vegeterians. My mother taught us to be polite when eating away from home and to just choose the non-meat items and not make a fuss. Thanks Mom!

2. Cindy - May 14, 2012

My mother’s geology professor found a frozen woolly mammoth near the Arctic Circle on an expedition. They had it for dinner!!

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