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It’s All About the Shoes! April 25, 2012

Red High Heel Pumps

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 By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau and Julie’s Fresh Air

It is all about the shoes. At least for us girls. I love them. I collect them; if you saw my closet you’d think so. Shoes are an investment that helps make the dullest outfit into something amazing. If the wrong pair of shoes, the most gorgeous outfit will be ruined.


Some notes on shoes that help me decide on what pair to pick:


What to wear with Flats:

Slim pants/skinny jeans

Long flowing cotton skirt

Long casual dress



Dressy trousers

Knee-covering straight or A-Line Skirt

Above the knee tailored skirt



Evening dress if sandal has a strappy mid- to high-heel sandal

Casual pants and/or long casual skirt



Shoe Care

  1. Consider using cedar shoe trees for your favorite pair of shoes. The cedar absorbs bad smells.
    A pair of shoe trees, one shown in use
  2. Don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row. This gives your feet and the shoes a day to recover.
  3. Spray Scotch guard over new shoes to protect them.
  4. Maintain shoes with a conditioning shoe cream.
  5. Polish shoes and cover scuffs with a spray polish.


Special Notes

  1. Avoid ankle books with short skirts
  2. Many won’t agree with me on this but, I struggle with Cowboy boots and shorter skirts. I do think younger women can get away with it. I love Cowboy boots with long, denim skirts.
  3. I avoid white shoes all together, except tennis shoes and never wear with denim jeans regardless of how casual I am.
  4. The simpler the sandal, the more you’ll wear it.
  5. If a stain can’t be removed, toss the shoes.



These are just some notes about shoe shopping and care. But, they work for me. I hope they help you as well.

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