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It’s Kind of Funny What Inspires Us September 18, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau and Julie’s Fresh Air


It’s truly funny (at least interesting) what can inspire our future endeavors. For the future pilot, it was that first breathless ride in a plane (certainly that was brother, Curt, flying around our farm with Dad).

For the future doctor or medical professional it would have been patching up a hurt puppy. Maybe for a future artist it was the first time they finger painted with their classmates in class.

For me, the future writer, it was a few experiences that left a lasting impression and hopeful desire for my future. It was everything from listening to John-boy Walton every Thursday night narriate the show. Plus, my inspiration took a very serious turn when Aunt Susan Howard gave me my first Laura Ingalls Wilder book, Little House in the Big Woods.

Author Laura Ingalls Wilder used her experienc...

Author Laura Ingalls Wilder used her experiences growing up near De Smet as the basis for four of her novels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inspiration — not intelligence, not school, and often not even our parents — can be the biggest spark to get us started on our journey to a future designed for us. Sometimes I wonder if inspiration is that still, small voice of God. Be inspired!


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1. Caroline - September 18, 2013

Thank you for including my book review! I couldn’t agree with you more about inspiration, and I love the idea that there might be a future designed for us.