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It’s the New Year, Do You Know Where You’re Going?! February 8, 2012

 My tips for trips


By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau and Julie’s Fresh Air

By now, you probably know between vacations and business travel, how often you’ll be packing travel bags this year. And since airlines have made the foolish decision to charge us for our luggage and certainly charge us for extra heavy bags, the only solution is to streamline what you take on your trips.

Plus, you shouldn’t have to compromise breezy, comfortable and great style just because you’re going on a trip!

Over the years because of busy business travel schedules (though that’s pleasantly declined in recent years) I’ve learned a few basics to keep my travel bags light.


  1. Pick one color, certainly no more than two. Yes, I said two colors max. Granted this takes a lot of restraint but this allows for easy combination and reduces the amount of shoes you take on a trip.
  2. Limit your shoes. You’ll keep your packing light if you pare down on the shoes. Because shoes are space hogs, you only need one pair of dress heels plus a walking shoe. That’s unless you’re going on vacation and you’re heading to the beach. Then you’ll want to toss in a pair of sandals for beachwear.
  3. Never pack certain items. These items include linen (wrinkles too much), jeans (wear your pair, they’re heavy in the suitcase), hair dryers (all hotels have them), and an Iron (hotels make those available too).
  4. Attempt to keep to the same set of accessories. This does not always work, but if your trip is only a couple of days, often you can have the same set of accessories for your trip for the different outfits you wear, especially if you coordinate your outfits all in the same color group.
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