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“I’ve been Invited to Another Holiday Party and I have Nothing to Wear!” December 21, 2011

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau and Julie’s Fresh Air

Enough! Last weekend I had more than six holiday parties to attend (two of them I just couldn’t make). But this holiday party blitz is not unusual. What makes it challenging is not only trying to pick out a party gift to bring, but figuring out what to wear!

There is hope, though. If you’ve purchased a few outfits just for the holidays I hope you kept a few basics in mind.

1. Buy separates so you can mix and match.

2. For the parties you plan to attend, are they formal events or casual? Make sure you know the dress code before you go!

3. One sure-fire coctail, sheath dress might last more than one season. Classic black is a safe bet.

4. Be original. Sometimes your accessories (but don’t overdo it) make your outfit unique, even if the black coctail dress is typical.

5. Shoes! Make sure you have the right shoes for the outfit. Look for style but keep comfort in mind if you’ll be standing during most of the party.

6. Have fun! Some of your more fun outfits can be the party outfit.

Not sure about mixing and matching? Then you need to read my “33 Ways to Mix it Up when Mixing and Matching Your Wardrobe!”

See you at the Party!


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