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Keep Your Eyes Wide Open for Fashion Ideas February 22, 2012

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureua and Julie’s Fresh Air

Come closer. Promise not to tell? One of my fashion secrets is to watch what others wear, even the younger set.

While I always make modifications since I’m not part of the younger set, I love seeing what young people wear with the exception of the still-in-vogue baggie pant look (sometimes, don’t you just want to go up to them and yank their pants down!?).

Fresh fashion from young, creative entrepreneurs creates an opportunity for me to shake things up a bit and try something new in my wardrobe.

It’s simple things really …


  1. The way someone wears a scarf.
  2. Color combinations.
  3. What kind of shoes are the young guns wearing with an outfit?
  4. How are they wearing their accessories (no, not tongue posts, etc., but practical, cute accessories).
  5. Ask yourself, “Where do I need to break out of my box?”


Caution: Just because young girls can get away with the mini, doesn’t mean you can. Keep fresh fashion points in perspective. With modifications, you can freshen up your wardrobe with an idea inspired by youth.

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