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Leaders Come in All Shapes and Sizes March 8, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

Third in a series on Leadership. The previous here and here.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe that’s not an original thought. But, consider one of the greatest military leaders (and certainly of his time), Napoleon, was only 5′ 7″. When we imagine great leaders, we have pre-dertermined notions of them … some unfair, some wildly off the mark. We certainly shouldn’t let Hollywood (or the media) influence our image of today’s leaders.

Napoleon Crossing the Alps
Napoleon Crossing the Alps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In fact, we should never underestimate the power of anyone to take on a great leadership task … especially with the passion to do so.

Sometimes it’s the right circumstances at the right time. For example, rising to the occasion in a crisis. One crisis close to home involves mom. It’s a “Life on the farm” story but one none of us that experienced it will ever forget. It was the time a 2-ton cultivator fell on older-brother, Brent’s leg.

Other times, it’s individual’s carefully crafted and taught to take on that leadership position with continous training and dedication. I think of our military and how they have to be in constant focus and training to defend this country. From our miliary have come some of our greatest leaders.

Whatever the circumstance or situation, the life experiences that craft a leader can be learned by us all. To our futures and our up-and-coming leaders!



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