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Lifestyle Tip: Emphasize Essentials, Not Incidentals February 27, 2013

Before modern-day conveniences and our current lifestyles, families only had time to focus on essentials.

Gather food and shelter


Relationship with family and friends


Treasure your blessings

Understanding the essentials was supremely clear with a farm family scratching out a living on their little plot of land, for example. Sun up to sun down days dolled out survival requirements. Families had no time for the trivial.It reminds me of stories that circulate about families working so hard they’d end the day bone tired after their duties falling into bed and barely pulling the covers over them before falling fast asleep. Work would be there again for them the next day. No time to waste.

And while our work today is as tremendously difficult and challenging, the conveniences of our modern era and our current prosperity allows for more time for the incidentals. The trivial.

Focusing on the incidentals isn’t wrong. But incidentals can’t be allowed to get in the way of what’s really important. Too much time in front of the television, mindless chatter about “stuff”, and not spending time with family and friends leaves us compromising what is essential.

So how did my parents, teachers and other influential people help me emphasize what’s important? They showed me how to be engrossed in supreme moments. They gave me glimpses into greatness. They had me sit down with them to watch a sunset. They read me Shakespeare and the “Good Book.”

They gave me the essentials.





1. Susie Ysaguirre-Zinkie - June 12, 2006

My Nana always pushed faith. She said, if we didn’t have anything else, it was faith. It didn’t matter she said, what kind of house we have or how much money we make. It’s what we do to help someone else that’s important. Ethics and example are what shape us. We know in our hearts what God wants us to do.