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Mom's Response to My Runaway Truck Story June 5, 2006

As I remember that summer you and Lisa were working and saving up your money to go to Hawaii with your cousin Geoff to visit your Uncle Terry who was a Marine and was stationed there. And you did go!

Gosh, what kind of parents will everyone think we were. Letting you drive a truck at the age of 12 and making you WORK. Usually during the summer we had 5 or 6 extra kids living with us. So that was quite a crowd. One very hot summer day the Piano Tuner came out to tune up the piano of course and you were all running in and out of the house. He thought you were ALL my kids. I didn’t tell him any different. He kept showing me things that he found that had dropped down in the piano saying, ” Mrs. Murphree, look what your kids have put in the piano.” Then he went outside to get something from his car and when he came back in he said, “Mrs. Murphree, one of your children (Julie) is on the roof.” I never will know why but you had climbed up there. That was dramatic! I think just to make me look bad or to show off.


I really did watch you all! Carefully, I thought.


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