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My Top 10 Benefits to Engaging Arizona Families in Farm & Ranch Conversations May 10, 2013

By Juie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

By now you know that my favorite thing to talk about is Arizona agriculture. In fact, if I can visit with someone about anything related to farming and ranching I’m a happy camper. It’s not just about the talking though, it’s also about the listening. I love to hear what Arizona families have to say about farming and ranching.

Granted, unless you’ve ever been a farm and ranch kid, you might have a lot of misconceptions about Arizona Agriculture. But that’s the very reason I love talking about agriculture. I love sharing the farm and ranch story and getting the true story told.

The Tomerlins of Arizona Legacy Beef tell their story every day. They know the importance of staying engaged with their Arizona families.

So why am I so motivated? What are the benefits to engaging Arizona families in the farm and ranch story? Well, here’s my list.

1. I get to tell people about the importance of Arizona agriculture.

2. Who wouldn’t love to hear where their milk, hamburger and so much more comes from.

3. Today, we have lots of fun ways and venues to tell the agriculture story.

4. I love our farmers and ranchers and they’re fun to talk about, seriously! :-)

5. Every story in agriculture represents a farm or ranch family.

6. The agriculture story is diverse, innovative and ever changing.

7. You meet interesting people with a sincere interest in learning about the agriculture story.

8. The statistics in our industry are amazing and they’re fun┬áto talk about.

9. Agriculture makes something tangible.

10. Agriculture represents American business.

There are so many other reasons but these are my top 10. Join me in telling the agriculture story! If you’re a farmer or rancher and want to tell your story, you should read 5 Reasons Why You’re Not being Heard .


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