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My Top 3 Reasons for Loving Organic February 11, 2013

Brett Hunt of Rousseau Farms grows organic and conventional produce. He and his family grow for the consumer and are happy to provide choices in the market.

First in a Three-part Series


By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

In my role with Arizona Farm Bureau, I see lots of Arizona agriculture. And, I love it. If you go with me on a road trip, I’ll show you crop agriculture, livestock agriculture, big Ag, small Ag, conventional and organic.


And, I love it all!


But ask me why I love Arizona’s organic agriculture and I’ll usually give you the following three reasons.


  1. Organic agriculture in Arizona represents a growing market. In the last Census of Agriculture (2007, most recent figures available) by the United States Department of Agriculture, a 34% increase in organic and direct-market agriculture was reported. Growing market means growth and that’s good for everyone.
  2. Our organic agriculture usually represents great variety and diversity. If you visit any of our direct-market/retail USDA certified Organic growers like Bob McClenden of McClenden’s Select, you’ll discover he has a crop portfolio of 200+plus fruits and vegetables on his farm alone. This appears to be more typical with organic farmers and makes for great buying options for you and me.
  3. Organic agriculture represents a healthy option, along with conventional. I like knowing that my organic fruits and vegetables will be healthy options for me, especially if the farmer is USDA certified organic. This healthy option is not exclusive; but an option in the market. This creates choices and I like to have choices. Science has not proven to me that organic is healthier than conventional. It’s proven that both are a healthy, nutritious option and our biggest concern should be to eat more fruits and vegetables as a general rule.


Organic produce farmer, Brett Hunt of Rousseau Farms, says it best, “I really love agriculture and all we do to produce healthy food. We grow for the consumer so it’s important to grow a good product.”

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The USDA does not certify organic. The USDA provides regulations and rules for organics.