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No Waiting in Line for the Most Famous One the World Knows September 9, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air

We spend too much time waiting in line for the world’s famous. How long did British locals wait to to see the royal baby?

In fact, it can feel as if all our lives we spend valuable time waiting on important and famous people to meet with us (not counting waiting in lines for everything else in life). Important people in positions of power and authority command our attention. Famous people that draw us by their music, art and acting leave us speechless; fawning over their fame more than them as a person.

Waiting in line at Hultsfred Festival.

Waiting in line at Hultsfred Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With God, it’s the reverse. He’s always waiting on us. And, if God is God; Sovereign over all then isn’t he the one we should be seeking?

Ironically, there’s no line to wait in to get to God. Abba Father of the Old and New Testament is greater than the greatest on earth and he waits for us to come near. Seek him where he may be found, says the Bible.

In fact, he gives us a promise more real and lasting than any Rock concert we could attend: In Psalm 37:4 is says, “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.” Really delight in the God of the Universe, see what he’ll do for you. I’ve found great delight in any concert I’ve waited in line for and have a memory to keep. But, when I’ve truly delighted in the Lord nothing on earth has ever matched what God has done for me.

New resolve: For my future, I hope to pass up more concert lines, or lines to shake the hand of a famous politician so someone can take a picture of me with my smart phone and post to Facebook; instead hoping I’ll seek the Lord where he may be found where there’s no lines.

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