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Nothing is by Accident … May 2, 2016

By Julie Murphree

Yesterday morning (May 1, 2016), Dad and I went up in his Super Decathlon (a sports plane and aerobatic trainer) for a cruise around the desert Vekol area due west of Dad and Mom’s place, about 20 minutes away. We flew over High Lonesome, one of the tallest mountain peaks in the area.


Dad looking out at High Lonesome Peak.


Then later, flipping through the pages of one of mom’s albums labeled, “Things We’ve Written” I came across a poem mom wrote about High Lonesome … and I thought, “Nothing Happens by accident.” We often went out to the area as a family to explore. We became attached to the place. I understand why mom wrote a poem about it. It follows.

High Lonesome, By Pennee Murphree

Standing High and Lonesome in the Desert,

Reaching up to her creator,

As down through ancient times,

And recent too,

She stands in solitude and watches,

Footsteps, hoofbeats, roar of engine

Pass her by.


Memories are washing over,

As I view the peak,

So seldom noticed,

High Lonesome

Still the same

While we continue on our

March into eternity.


Wish that I too

Could stand forever

High and Lonesome in the desert

Reaching up to my creator

as others pass me by.



High Lonesome will forever mean so much more to me now … it reaches up to heaven closer to mom and to its creator.



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