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The Creation Risk October 18, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air 

Editor’s Note: Except for the fact of God’s creation, the following thoughts are based on my own ponderings.

Lord, if I had the ability to create like you, I would. Perhaps this idea of creating something out of nothing is what drives us. The idea that we could create something close to as amazing as the things you’ve created boggles the mind and makes me try to imagine why you created us.

  1. If I could create like you, I would have made the universe with its stars as endless as you did.
  2. I would have made the mountains as tall and the oceans as deep.
  3. And, I would have made something, someone, in my image.

To create in my own image poses a risk, however.

If, like you, I loved unconditionally as your Word says, I could not simply plant puppets on my glorious world — a mockery of the grand design.

My most precious of creations, mankind, would require something more unique; distinct … something much more significant (after all I’m creating them in my own image). I would have to give them a will, their individual capacity to reason and think for themselves.

In so doing, my created could love me or reject me. Bet those who chose to love me would love me unconditionally as I loved them.

Lord, I see now why you risked it.






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