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The List: Favorite Morning “Reads” While Eating Breakfast April 17, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air and Arizona Farm Bureau

So, speaking of my reading material and where I cruise to in order to check out the latest news, I have a list I run down either on my iPad or desktop computer before I ever make it into work.

Here is my list of “news of the day” reading:

1. I first go online to the Wall Street Journal and cruise around. Of course, if you subscribe you have full access to a variety of news. But even non-subscribers can get a sampling of top issues including looking at a pdf of the day’s front page to maybe entise you to get the full subscription since you want to finish reading that front page story.

2. Next up is Drudge Report. Disappointed? I know, but he is the pioneer in aggregating a bunch of news around the world. Say what you will.

3. I also like to go to Real Clear Politics. Another aggregator of political news from various sources, liberal, moderate and conservative. It’s all in one place and then I can pick and choose what I want to read as it relates to the hot political issue of the moment.

4. A new one I’ve begun to check out is Real Clear Technology. This helps me with any of my technology issues including social media and new tools emerging. Love it.

5. Then I have a series of blogs I pop in and out of at random. Some days more heavily than others.

6. I also check in on the Twitter stream called #Agchat. There I can check out my Ag-oriented Twitter buddies and see what’s on tap.

No, I can’t read it all. But often, if an article is really compelling and deserving of a Twitter share, I’ll “RT” the article and come back to it later to read the entire article right on my own @Cottonaggie Twitter feed.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

A great source of news.

I can get through this routine in about 10 to 15 minutes while eating breakfast, sometime faster. Of course, if I read every article word-for-word I’m really interested in then the process would take longer. I save the really compelling articles for a later, longer read.


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