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Want to Find Yourself? Look at the Sun October 26, 2012

By Julie Murphree, Julie’s Fresh Air

Dad never gets lost. At least when the sun is shining (must be why he stays in Arizona). But farmers and ranchers must be more directionally astute. They can find themselves out in the middle of nowhere rounding up cattle or checking on the crops.

Even in this modern world with GPS systems and other devices it helps to understand the rhythms of nature and have a sense of your surroundings.

One of Dad’s little tricks for always determining direction involves using the sun and a watch with an hour hand (if your watch is digital instead of an analog or display you’ll remain lost).

Here’s how: Point the hour hand of your watch directly at the sun. Then, find the halfway point between the hour hand that’s now pointed at the sun and the number twelve on the face of your watch. Once you determine the halfway point you’ve found south. If you’ve got a sunny day, you’ll always be able to determine the southern point on the horizon.



Grandfather Clock Face Waters building EXPLORE...

Grandfather Clock Face Waters building EXPLORE 4-8-08 2828 (Photo credit: stevendepolo)


One quick distinction, at noon, the hour hand is pointed at the sun and is also the number twelve so you have your south.

I’m directionally challenged (the only one in the family that is) and this little trick helps. On the other hand, I can always use the GPS on my smart phone … as long as I have a signal.

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1. Suzie Nelson - October 26, 2012

Love this!!!