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Wear Cotton! September 22, 2011

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Editor’s Note: Planned for 2012, I’ll be releasing a new book I’m calling More Fresh Air. It will be a follow on to my first book, Fresh Air, and will highlight other family stories about life on the farm. As it’s Thursday, I’m running the latest excerpt from my current book with some updated tidbits.


By Julie Murphree, Author of Fresh Air

Arizona is gearing up for cotton harvest. So, I thought it appropriate to pick one of the excerpts from my current book that’s about cotton. I love this fiber because for nearly 100 years my family has grown it in Arizona and Texas. So get your cotton jeans on and let’s talk about this comfortable fiber!

It’s natural, cool, and comfortable. Take the traditional cowboy and/or farmer. You won’t find one manmade fiber on his body. Let’s start with the boxers or briefs (I like a guy in briefs, but boxers are cute, too). All cotton. Most farmers and ranchers also will wear an undershirt. All cotton. Out in the elements they sweat, so a cool breeze through their breathable cotton serves as a natural air conditioner. For pants they’ll be wearing either Levi’s or Wrangler jeans. All cotton. For their shirts, whatever their preferred style, it will be all cotton. The word, then, is wear cotton!

Dad wearing cotton

Note the white, cotton tee shirt peaking out from under Dad's cotton shirt. As an Arizona cotton farmer, he always wore the product he grew. Still does.

 No, you don’t have to dress like a farmer. But when putting together your wardrobe for the season look for mix- and-match garments that have natural fibers. Or at least look for a good blend. Even when it’s the lesser percentage in the fabric blend, cotton gives the garment its character.

 I used to start presentations about fashion and cotton by describing how cotton is so versatile that we wear and use it from cheek to cheek: In the morning momma may use a cotton ball to do her cleansing routine and apply cosmetics and, later, after bathing the baby, dry, wrap, and snuggle it in an all-cotton towel.




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3. Freda - September 5, 2013

Hope this gets to you. I’m Freda Riley and I was raised in the ’40 in the cotton fields of northeast Texas. Have tried to get on your blog , but can’t. Would love to read more.