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Whole Foods to Require Labeling of Biotech Products March 11, 2013

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

Now, this is what I love: The market driving something, instead of government. Beginning in 2018, all foods made with biotech ingredients sold at the more than 330 Whole Foods grocery stores will carry a label identifying it as such, the New York Times reports.

Whole Foods is the first U.S. retailer to require biotech labeling. But an easy bet says it’s not the last.

According to the article, Whole Foods President A.C. Gallo says that some of their manufacturers have seen a 15% increase in sales of products that have the non-GMO label.

As one that’s put myself in the middle of the GMO-labeling debate, I like to see the free enterprise system at work rather than an over-burdened governmental behemoth. Consumers should be driving this GMO-labeling debate and this announcement by Whole Foods proves such.

This might be the pilot test to see if GMO labeling adds to the cost of the product labeled. Whole Foods is already serving an audience that doesn’t mind paying a higher price for certain value-added attributes to the products it sells.

Arizona Farm Bureau’s own policy(written and voted on by agriculture members) “opposes the mandatory labeling of foods derived from genetically modified (GM) plants and/or animals.” The policy goes on to state the concerns as to the mandatory labeling of GMOs.  The organization does not take a position on voluntarily labeling products.

At it’s core, it’s about choice. And our market creates choice better than just about any market around the globe.

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