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Your Core Pieces are the Core of Your Versatile Wardrobe! November 30, 2011

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau and Julie’s Fresh Air

My recent blog tips on your wardrobe mention the phrase “core pieces” in nearly every article I’ve written on this so far. But what’s your core pieces mean?


The core pieces are just what you might think they are. They are the central or “main” pieces to a versatile and mixable wardrobe.


You need these basic pieces to build and add to the rest of the clothes in your closet. If you have the core clothing pieces, you have the beginning of a great wardrobe.


Your core can vary a little and some parts of your core might be more important than others ─ it all depends on your lifestyle. For example, a pair (or pairs) of quality denim jeans might be a number one item for the cattle rancher than to the business manager that works in an office. But every core wardrobe has basic elements: solid, neutral colors, natural fibers including blends, and all separates so that you can mix and match.

The denim fabric of a jeans

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For most women, Your “Core” Wardrobe should consist of these essential pieces.

  1. Denim Jeans = a quality pair
  2. One solid color suit = regardless of whether you work in an office or not, if active in your community or a volunteer leader for you industry, you need one suit with simple, classic lines. For new graduates, you need one for those upcoming job interviews.
  3. One or two basic Tees (both long sleeve and short sleeve) = cotton or silk blouses and in basic, neutral colors like white, black, gray, light brown and charcoal.
  4. One or two basic A-Line Skirts = Again, in basic, neutral colors
  5. One Dress = with classic lines in a neutral color that you can dress up or down with a jacket or cardigan.
  6. One or two pair of dress slacks = in basic, neutral colors like black, gray, light brown and charcoal
  7. One brightly colored Jacket = that you can mix and match with your other pieces
  8. One or two cardigans = in a either a light wool or cotton blend fabric
  9. A few Camisoles, also called singlets = in neutral colors


You might ask, “But why just one colorful jacket?” Depending on our favorite colors, we all have a variety of colors we like to wear and your wardrobe will reflect more than one colorful jacket or blazer. Remember, the core pieces are simply your starting point. You’ll build out from there. If you can’t identify basic pieces, it’s harder to determine what else you’ll need as you try to put together a quality clothing wardrobe. 

Next week, I’ll share the basic pieces of a man’s core wardrobe.



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